Materials high security
(fire and explosion protection)



This material is versatile, therefore, provides a high range of applications ranging from treatments for high temperature and low weight (reducing mechanical resistance), even beating high-density materials with superior mechanical properties.

HUBEC has an exclusive representation agreement with addiTEC for certain geographical areas for the sale and promotion of their products. Also study the possible establishment of a JV and subsequent product production centers in those countries.

These are the areas of work and most relevant applications where being used:

Each of these work areas are based on the use of a material known as ADDITEC-IF-EX , which forms the basis of developments.

It is a material containing calcium (gypsum) and vermiculite sulfate, which, together with additives, additional fibers and other components provide unique properties.

Such improved mechanical properties combined with resistance and workability, therefore manageable, adaptable and usable material is obtained in different solutions as:



Protection of structures against explosion effects

There are technical and safety documents of each one of our products, like official certificates of Spanish public institutions like: Research Environment, Protection and Security Spanish.

Tests have been conducted under the guidance and collaboration of the institutions responsible for the Protection and Security of Spain.

The material designed to be capable of withstanding three crucial effects therefore should have three important characteristics: 

    1. It must be able to absorb the shock wave, or pressure wave, as well as reducing the speed at which the wave propagates into the material. 
    2. It must be able not to spread shrapnel and not to be a generator of the fire. 
    3. It must be able to tolerate high temperatures that can be reached in the element to be protected.

Product range

We have developed a range of products that meet the current demands in the new building, and supply elements can be performed prefabricated adapted to different needs.

The new building codes and the latest technical requirements to facilitate the comfort and roominess of everyday life, are making all sector companies invest large amounts of money, time and effort to improve its products. 

Our business vision, is to present the product as factory finished mortar or in comfortable bags of additive to be mixed in the destination, in such way that will  significantly reduce the cost of the transportation, storage, exportation fees, taxes, etc. in each country.



The fire resistance

Fire resistance is so high that its use is recommended in containers containing, or carrying, hazardous materials, as well as for buildings.

Tests with fire crews have allowed us to try different solutions for the transportation of dangerous goods, as well as the protection of elements like: GLP deposits, liquefied gases, plants and petrochemical installations.

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