Contractual Model with Partners and Collaborators

HUBEC 's commitment with companies that we work is based on two levels of contract:


A. LEVEL ONE - Framework Agreement by Country or Geographical Area

It will be defined and signed a Confidentiality Agreement under the principle of priority, cooperation and commitment without exclusivity between the two companies and with the purpose to find and develop business opportunities (even with investment opportunities) and partnership in those areas that requires a highest level of specialization like engineering and construction.


B. LEVEL TWO - Interest in the Project

Once HUBEC identifies the project in which we can give added value to any of 'our Partners' through our knowledge of the country, the project, the client or local partners, etc. In the case that the project can fit more than one of our partners the project or opportunity will be presented in first instance to the company that we will consider most suitable for the implementation.


In the event that any of them will show interest for it, we will proceed as follows:

Establish the relationship between the company and our group of partners in the country or project in question

The relationship between HUB Energy Consulting and its partners will be based and founded on the same principles and general terms than those provided and established by HUB contracts signed between HUBEC and each of the companies.


Collaboration agreement, confidentiality and fees distribution